Online community closed
Specially for small fashion companies with 'green' ambitions we had the 'Clean & Unique' project that included an online community attached to this website. As we passed the project period, we had to close the community for an undefined period but we are still trying to find a possible restart. As soon as we have news, all community members will be invited to rejoin the group. If you are interested in the project, you can still read the platform meeting reports, or get in touch with the Clean & Unique Association.

Platform Meetings
We are already through the meetings... but you can still read:
Click here for the summary of the 2 April 2009 - Passion - meeting.
Click here for the summary of the 5 February 2009 - Promotion - meeting
Click here for the summary of the 4 September 2008 - PROFIT - meeting 
Click here for the summary of 10 April 2008 - PLANET - meeting
Click here for the summary of the 7 February 2008 - PEOPLE - meeting

Clean & Unique Association
Additional to the platform/network activities, we have founded the Clean & Unique Association. At the start 7 labels signed up. The first collective agreement was set with Fair Wear Foundation. Also other memberships, collective bargains and other collective advantages will be explored. The more members, the more possibilities. If you are interested, please visit